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God wants us to depend entirely on him.

Updated: Jan 13


Psalm 34:5 Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed

We depend on God for many things which includes Him giving us the breath of life that will allow us to see another day, and His protection. All these things are given to us naturally and are beyond our ability to provide them for ourselves.

The difficulty arises when we should depend on God for something but instead we think we can control things such as finding a partner/spouse, buying a house, maybe getting a job or whatever you can think of. We tend to rely on our tastes and preferences and our erroneous calculations thus refusing  to cede control of these details and leave them to the one who knows all.

David clearly says in Psalm 34, “When we look toward Him, we are full of joy, and our faces are not covered with shame. ". Most of us think it backwards, we want to be radiant with joy without having to search for the inexhaustible source of joy (Him).

Where we often fail is when we try to obtain a provision that would clearly indicate to people that we are blessed, when God expects us to embrace our vision and dependence on Him.  By emptying ourselves of ourselves and having the certainty that the Lord already knows what is good for each of his children, only then will He send the necessary provisions. You must engage in a faith that all the necessary provisions come from the divine power of the Lord.

Dependence on God brings us back to faith. This does not negate our work, nor the use of the resources that God has already made available to us, but it is about knowing that despite all our resources, knowledge, and wisdom, we must stick to the divine plan and have the power to say that it is not our will but that of the Lord. It is not our power but the power of the Lord, it is not our work, but that which God does through us. And when we begin to practice this dependence, we will be amazed at what we can do by relying on this God who never turns his back on those who seek to come to Him.

Eglise Chrétienne pour l'Evangélisation et la Réhabilitation Sociale



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